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Coconut Oil Diethanolamide CDEA

  • China Manufacturer supply Coconut Oil Diethanolamide CDEA
China Manufacturer supply Coconut Oil Diethanolamide CDEA

China Manufacturer supply Coconut Oil Diethanolamide CDEA

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  • Coconut Oil Diethanolamide
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  • Product description: China Manufacturer supply Coconut Oil Diethanolamide CDEA

Coconut Diethanolamide/CDEA

Classification of Surfactant CDEA 6501
Product Name :Coconut Diethanol Amide
Synonyms : 6501,Ninol,Ninol 6501,CDEA,CDEA 6501,Cocamide DEA,Coco Fatty Acid
Diethanol Amide,Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanol Amide,Coconut Oil Diethanol Amide,Coconut Oil Acid Diethanol Amide
CAS No.:68603-42-9
EINEC No.:271-657-0
Molecular Formula :RCON(C2H4OH)2 R : Coco Alkyl
Performance of Surfactant CDEA 6501
1.Excellent decontamination wetting,cleaning,dispersion,anti-hard water and antistatic performances
2.Perfect thickening,foaming,foam-stablizing and derusting abilities
3.Compounded with other anionic surfactant,such as LABSA (LAS),its foaming ability will be obviously improved,and foam is more affluent,stable and long standing.Washing effect is also enhanced.

Specifications of Surfactant CDEA 6501

Item 1:1 1:1.5 1:2
Appearance, 25°C Light yellow viscous liquid
Amide content,% 78Min 70Min 62Min
Amine value, mgKOH/g 10-40 60-90 100-130
Free amine content, % 1.8-7.5 11-16.9 18.5-24.5
Free fatty acid, % 0.5Max 0.5Max 0.5Max
Ester, % 7Max 2Max 1Max
Glycerol, % 10Max 9Max 8Max
Water, % 1Max 1Max 1Max
pH value (10g/L,10% ethanol water solution) 9-11 9-11 9-11
Color, Hazen 500Max 500Max 500Max

Application area

1. Liquid detergent, liquid soap, shampoo, detergent, facial cleanser
2. Can also be used as emulsifying stabilizer cream products, and widely used in shoe polish, printing ink, drawing supplies etc.
3. In the textile printing and dyeing industry, as the fabric of the detergent, and other detergent ingredients and thickening agent. Is a component of polypropylene fiber and synthetic fiber spinning oil
4. 6501 can be used for the preparation of metal anti rust detergent and paint stripping agent, etc.
5. As an emulsifier, oily raw materials are widely used in various cosmetics and surfactant products.
6. Has a good foaming, foam stability, in the detergent foam stability, widely used as foaming agent of product.

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